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Founded in 2014 by Lucie Cincinatis, Jacmel & Co is a fashion brand and social enterprise that creates jobs in Haiti and empowers local women artisans. By purchasing one of our beautifully handcrafted bags, you are helping beautify and dignify Haiti.

Jacmel & Co is currently visiting New York City, and holds daily appointments for customers. More styles, shapes and sizes available!

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The Yvetta Bag


Designed and created by one of Jacmel & Co artisans, the "Yvetta Bag" is the coolest and newest calabash bag available online. Perfect for the summer in the city, this bag shows how innovative and talented our female Haitian artisans are.

This bag was named after Yvetta, one of Jacmel & Co artisan member. She is 22, currently lives in Kabik, Haiti and has a little boy of 3 years old.

The Bambou Bag


The Bambou bag radiates natural beauty through its simplicity and breaded motifs. The bag is superb to adorn the girls & ladies and deliver them a fashionable and boho-chic appearance.

This bag was named after “bambou”, the French name for the evergreen plant “bamboo”, that is, like the calabash, used as a versatile raw product.

The Kreyol Bag


With its stylish shape and handcrafted leather details, the Kreyol bag looks tantalizing. Made out of a spiritual fruit grown in Haiti, named “calabash”, and ornate with high quality goatskin, the Kreyol bag is the perfect summer accessory.

This bag was named after “Kreyol”, one of Haiti’s official languages.

The Kenep Bag


Add a killer pop of texture and originality to your wardrobe, with this unique statement gourd bag. Handmade by artisans in Haiti, the Kenep bag will add a boho-chic touch to your summer outfit. The long strap is useful to keep the bag on your shoulder or cross-body and create a fabulous style quotient.

This bag was named after “Kenep”, a delicious Haitian fruit that has the consistency of a sweet skinless grape.

The Kompa Bag


The Kompa bag is an excellent example of workmanship and artistry. The raw green calabash fruit is adorned with delicately braided hazel leather and some carving, which brings luminosity and uniqueness to the gourd bag.

This bag was named after “Kompa” which is the most popular Haitian musical style.

The Kompa Leather Bag


The Kompa Leather bag radiates natural beauty through its organic leather covered top. The gourd bag is superb to embellish the urban ladies and deliver them a fashionable and bohemian appearance.

This bag was named after “Kompa” which is the most popular Haitian musical style.

The Maya Bag


The Maya bag gives the definition of classic smartness and elegance through its refined leather designs. The bag, as its name indicates, is meant to represent the free spirit wielded by the universal forces.

This bag was named after the Hindu term “Maya” which is the supernatural power wielded by gods to produce illusions.

The Kabik Bag


The Kabik bag is sure to make head turn with its captivating look. With eye pleasing breaded leather motifs and stylish patterns, this bag creates a craze amongst our trendsetting female customers. 

This bag was named after “Kabik”, a small beach town located in the South of Haiti and where the “Jacmel & Co” atelier is based.

The Bonbon Bag


The craftsmanship done to grace to the bonbon bag is remarkable. The delicate stripes of leather circling the organic calabash add an extraordinary feel to the avant-garde gourd bag, which emanates sophistication and artistry.

This bag was named after the french word “bonbon”, meaning "candy" in English. This cute bag reminds us of a round and delicious candy.

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